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DairyBuddy: All-in-One Dairy Management Suite improves visibility and generates valuable insights across the entire dairy supply chain.

We believe in working closely with our customers to deeply understand their needs. Our team is results-oriented and we focus everything we do on the dairy industry’s feedback and collaboration. We understand dairy can be a tough business, so finding ways to improve your operations while saving you time is our number one priority.





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    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

    Answers to the first thoughts and questions that are stopping you from starting your Online Dairy Store.

    My Dairy is distinct and unique, will you provide any customized features?

    Yes, of course, We do. Before onboarding any new clients we make a complete audit of their current operations and then suggest the ways in which DairyBuddy will help grow their business. If setting your Online Dairy Store demands any new tools/features, we do provide the custom features so that DairyBuddy works as a perfect buddy for your business.

    How long does it take to get DairyBuddy deployed?

    Our setup process is quick. With minimum customization, your Online Dairy Store can go live and operational within 2 working days.

    How much does the system cost?

    DairyBuddy comes with various plans depending upon the number of dairy products you want to add to your Online Dairy Store’s catalog. We do provide customized plans also depending upon your operational capacity.

    What kind of support does my dairy will get?

    We offer 24X7 support to keep your Online Dairy Store grow seamlessly. DairyBuddy’s technical team can provide remote support, letting our tech teams resolve your issues quickly.

    How many users can have access to the central admin panel?

    The no. of users who can have access to the central admin panel depends upon the type of plan you chose. DairyBuddy offers a max of 100 users in the basic plan and can be unlimited in premium plans.

    Can files be shared with multiple users?

    Yes, you can share files with one user, multiple users, or all users, customers and, delivery partners at once.

    How to send alerts/notifications?

    Alerts/notifications can be sent as SMS, Emails, or in-app notifications, through the central panel to customers and delivery partners.

    What kind of report does the analytics section provide?

    The analytics tool provides various reports like sales, payment, delivery reports, & many more. These reports can be generated on a daily, weekly, monthly, or custom time period basis. Based on these reports, DairyBuddy gives recommendations, adopting which you can upscale your Online Dairy Store.


    What our customers are saying

    Brinda Shah

    CEO - Varenyam Farms, Vapi, Gujrat.
    Scaling up is a tough task. But, if I were to do it all over again, I actually would have chosen Dairy Buddy earlier – they allowed me to expand easily while giving a high level of accountability, transparency, and seamless deliveries.

    Manindra Kumar

    Founder - Kubauli Agro,Mumbai.
    Fortunately, with Dairy Buddy support, our transition to perfectly organized inventory & stocks, along with digitally managed deliveries and instantaneous updates on issues, came smoothly & easily.

    Ramesh Ranjan

    CEO - Ranjan Dairy, Patna.
    With great pride today we run a smart Dairy and feel in higher control of our stocks, making on-time deliveries, resolving customer issues, and overall expanding our market footprint. Thanks to Dairy Buddy for helping us achieve all this sooner than we thought.

    Kailash Ramaswamy

    Managing Partner - Vrindavan Dairy LLP
    Dairy Buddy provided us with an easily adaptable software package that allowed us to move away from thick accounting registers and transformed our delivery system into well-oiled dispatch machinery.

    Sarvadip Sachivalaya

    Founder - Ananda Foods,Ahemdabad.
    Real-time updates and business analytics tools provided us with critical insights into our business which allowed us to make faster decisions and ultimately become more dynamic and upscaling our operations. Thanks to Dairy Buddy.

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