Customer app heading: Your Dairy’s Gateway to E-commerce.

Customer App

Get your own eCommerce App where customers can choose their required products and place orders.
Make payments and track their order and transaction history. The Customer App is Attractive and Easy to use.
Store’s Buddy Customer App is available on Play store for Android Devices, AppStore for Apple Devices and on the Web for accessing through any browser on your Laptop or Computer.
Use the Customer App to Connect with your customers and make them your loyal brand ambassadors.
Web Dashboard: Central Command Centre of Back-End Operations.

Web Dashboard

You can control your whole business online from the Web Dashboard which can be accessed from anywhere with a secured login ID and passwords.
You can control what to show on the Customer App like Banners, Products, Notifications, etc., from the Admin panel.
You can access all required reports and informations about your business.
The Web Dashboard will help you to manage orders and optimize the delivery routes. It helps you to fully utilize your resources.
Delivery Tracker App: Best Tool To Keep your Fleet & Dispatches Streamlined.

Delivery App

The Store’s Buddy Delivery App helps the delivery boys to perform their tasks with ease.
The App is created in such a way that a person with a basic android mobile can use all the features with ease.
The delivery boys can communicate with you through the App, so you get their status instantly and can help them complete the tasks, if any issues arise.
The Delivery App can be used without internet but needs internet to sync the data with the system.

What our customers are saying

Brinda Shah

CEO - Varenyam Farms, Vapi, Gujrat.
Scaling up is a tough task. But, if I were to do it all over again, I actually would have chosen Dairy Buddy earlier – they allowed me to expand easily while giving a high level of accountability, transparency, and seamless deliveries.

Manindra Kumar

Founder - Kubauli Agro,Mumbai.
Fortunately, with Dairy Buddy support, our transition to perfectly organized inventory & stocks, along with digitally managed deliveries and instantaneous updates on issues, came smoothly & easily.

Ramesh Ranjan

CEO - Ranjan Dairy, Patna.
With great pride today we run a smart Dairy and feel in higher control of our stocks, making on-time deliveries, resolving customer issues, and overall expanding our market footprint. Thanks to Dairy Buddy for helping us achieve all this sooner than we thought.

Kailash Ramaswamy

Managing Partner - Vrindavan Dairy LLP
Dairy Buddy provided us with an easily adaptable software package that allowed us to move away from thick accounting registers and transformed our delivery system into well-oiled dispatch machinery.

Sarvadip Sachivalaya

Founder - Ananda Foods,Ahemdabad.
Real-time updates and business analytics tools provided us with critical insights into our business which allowed us to make faster decisions and ultimately become more dynamic and upscaling our operations. Thanks to Dairy Buddy.

Shilpi Sinha

Co-founder - Milk India, Bangalore.
A zero glitch back end software solution, coherently developed, implemented and supported by Dairy Buddy. It easily facilitates low turnaround time and enhanced service qualities.

Transform and upgrade your Dairy to an Online Dairy Store.
Deploy DairyBuddy to manage your Dairy Supply Chain today.